THE HOME INSPECTION -  Home Buyers information

Home inspections are extremely important when buying a home;
Knowing the condition of the home’s systems and components such as air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, and
structural integrity is critical. The home inspection provides an unbiased evaluation; a third party verification of the “stated
condition” of the home,
( It also serves to verify the information made in the disclosure documents by the “Seller”).

Equally important is a thorough, comprehensive, and professional report, which is extremely valuable when making
decisions that go along with selecting a home.

How the process works:
An inspection typically takes 2 or 3 hours to complete depending on the size, age, and condition of the home;Then a written,  
electronic report is created which includes a summary page and color images, allowing quick reference to details.
The report is available online, or arrangements can be made for a 'paper copy to be delivered to you.
Electronic format may be viewed via this web-site. Access is provided by us to you, including a secure password specific to your
report. The online version is especially handy for repair people and Real Estate professionals that may be granted access from
you, for their specific uses.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?
No, provided that advance arrangements are made for access to the property. It is advised, however, that you, or your
representative be there for at least the last ½ hour to review the findings.

What do inspections cost?
Inspections vary in price. In Boise and surrounding areas, the rate is usually between $200 and $400. The rates vary due to
factors such as: size of the home, age of home, etc.
The fees and conditions of the agreement are established prior to the inspection.
(Specifics may be obtained by clicking the “RATES” button at left menu).

Who pays for the inspection and when should it be done?
Typically, the individual that orders the inspection is responsible for the cost.
In purchasing a home, the inspection takes place in advance of the “close of escrow.”
Any agreed upon repairs or changes to the home can then be made prior to “close”.

When is payment due?
Payment is normally due at time of service. Payment by check is preferred, although credit cards and even paypal may be used...
Billing through your Title company may also be arranged.
Credit Cards accepted : Visa, Mastercard, American Ex, and Discover.

Are inspections done for reasons other than the buying of a home?
Yes, more and more homeowners are having inspections done periodically. A good rule is: for new homes - just prior to the
expiration of any warranty provided by the Builder. For other homeowners, it may be every three or four years.
These inspections allow for the owners to become aware of changes in the home that may greatly affect the value of the home or
safety of the home.
Some frequently unnoticed areas of concern include: Crawl-space or attic moisture, leaking or corroding supply or waste line
fittings, structural or foundation settling issues, roof / attic damage, electrical issues, and other age related changes to the home
that sometimes are not obvious to the homeowner.

Some “Sellers” and their representatives (agents) have found that doing an inspection at the time
of listing a home for sale can be very beneficial. Please click the “
Home Sellers” button at left for details.
Payment types accepted:
Cash, Checks, Credit Cards,