General Fees for inspections

"Standard Home Inspection"   ("Buyers inspection")

Rates starting at:  $340.00 (Depending on age and size of home)
Please see detailed rate chart.

"Informal or Sellers Inspection"  (without written report / consultation style)

Same as the"Standard home inspection"
without a formal report (consultant service only)...
Up to 2000 square feet...
 $ Call for rate*


Radon testing
Short term test: (48 hours)
Radon testing: If ordered with an inspection $130.00*

Radon Mitigation: Please call for a quote

Long-term Radon tests, Special inspections, and Partial inspections:  Please call for a quote

For more radon information click here

Short on time?

We are flexible... Inspections are performed Monday through Saturday, and sometimes on Sunday.
We will do everything  possible to accommodate a time critical situation.

Upon completion of a home inspection, we will provide a full report (usually within 12 hours).
Two formats are provided for reports... An electronic version for sending via E-mail, or posting to a secure page of this website,
and/or a printed and bound report.

When a printed report is requested, it is provided in a quality binder, complete with a cover letter,
table of contents,
main body, images, and summary pages.
At the back of the material, we provide a copy of the agreement / contract that was signed prior to the inspection.

In order to provide detail and value within the report, the areas of a home are classified and reported on within approximately
20 pages.

Information is easy to find and understand due to the layout of the report and the high resolution images.

* Accurate Home Inspections reserves the right to modify prices ( prior to service and with client approval) for normal adjustments related to very old homes,
homes of unusual construction, homes of poor condition, homes of unusual circumstances, or homes that are outside our area of normal covered distances...
(more than 30 minutes drive time, one direction). Prices listed are subject to change without notice.
Please call for a current price sheet, and to receive further information regarding pricing.
Providing valuable and pertinent information about your current
or future home's systems, components, and structures.
Detailed Rate Chart   
Payment types accepted:
Cash, Checks, Credit Cards,
Detailed Rate Chart   
Buyer's Contract Aggreement