THE HOME INSPECTION - Information for Home Sellers

Home inspections can be very useful when you are planning on selling a home.
Knowing the condition of the home’s systems and components; such as air conditioning, heating, electrical, plumbing, as well as
structural integrity is very important. Repairs to areas in need may greatly improve the value of your home,
and reduce the
chances of a potential sale being lost due to issues that may be discovered later, during a standard home inspection.

What do inspections cost?  
The fees are based on whether you request a formal report or not... The cost of inspections
without a written report
start at just $180.00.
Note: The actual inspections that are conducted are formatted the same, but less "office time"
is required of us when no formal, written report is needed, therefore saving you money.

If a formal report is needed: The rate is usually between $330 and $450.
Rates may vary due to factors such as; size of the home, age of home, etc.
The fees and conditions of the agreement are established prior to performing the inspection.
(Specifics may be obtained by clicking the “facts” button at left)

Some Sellers with exceptionally well maintained homes prefer the "formal" inspection, which is done for the purpose of marketing
the home with full "disclosure" of every inspection detail,
and will even provide a free report to potential buyers (see sign at top of page).

This is a powerful tool for separating a home from a "sea of available properties," and makes a strong and favorable impression.

But whether formal or informal... A professional inspection brings an understanding of the overall condition of the home and
It provides an opportunity to know what items are likely to be included in negotiations or price concessions later in the deal.
(Sometimes expensive repair items are overlooked by Sellers when establishing listing prices for their homes).

Whenever possible, home inspections (for sellers) are advised prior to listing of the home... Thereby, reducing any surprises that
may surface during a standard home inspection.

How the process works:
An inspection typically takes 2 or 3 hours to complete depending on the size, age, and condition of the home;Then a written,  
electronic report is created which includes a summary page and color images, allowing quick reference to details.
The report is available online, or arrangements can be made for a 'paper copy to be delivered to you.
Electronic format may be viewed via this web-site. Access is provided by us to you, including a secure password specific to your
report. The online version is especially handy for repair people and Real Estate professionals that may be granted access from
you, for their uses.

Do I need to be there for the inspection?
No, provided that arrangements are made for access to the property. It is advised, however, that you, or your representative be
there for at least the last half-hour to review the findings.

Who pays for the inspection and when should it be done?

Typically, the individual that orders the inspection is responsible for the cost.

Remember, an inspection may be done anytime prior to, or during the listing period, but it is most beneficial
If done early enough to make any needed repairs... Especially, if they will affect the listing price or negotiations.

When is payment due?
Normally, payment is due at "time of service." Payment by check is preferred; However, In some cases, the Title company that is
handling the transaction can be billed by us for payment at the of time "Closing."
Credit cards are accepted, as well: Visa, MasterCard, Amererican Express, and Discover.

Are inspections done for reasons other than the selling of a home?

Yes, more and more homeowners are having inspections done periodically. A good rule is; for new homes - just prior to the
expiration of any warranty from the Builder. For other
homeowners, it may be every three or four years.
These inspections allow for the owners to become aware of changes in the home that may greatly affect the value of the home or
safety of the home.
Some frequently unnoticed areas include: Crawl-space or attic moisture, leaking or corroding supply or waste line fittings,
structural or settling issues, roof / attic damage, electrical issues, and age related changes to the home that sometimes are not
obvious to the homeowner.

home Buyers will usually order an inspection. In some cases, however, a recent inspection that a Seller may have
already had done is accepted as current and adequate as seen by the Buyer.

Note: As mentioned at the top of the page, there is an added benefit to having an inspection done as the Seller of the home;
As an option to the service,
Accurate Home Inspections will leave a small sign for placement on a counter or table within the listed
home. The Seller may advertise that an inspection has been performed – There is a marketing effect by doing so. Most potential
buyers are not commonly viewing homes with such a bold statement of preparation and disclosure by the Sellers. You will be seen
as the exception, and as such, your home will usually be remembered as a “best-bet” among similar properties.
Note: not available for "informal" inspections.

Please view the image of sign at the top of the page

Please call for more information regarding “Seller” inspections.
Providing valuable and pertinent information about your current
or future home's systems, components, and structures.