THE HOME INSPECTION - Information for homeowners (not planning on selling).

If you are a homeowner, you may benefit from a home inspection in many ways.

For newer homes, a "Builder warranty" may be approaching expiration. Many warranties are valid only within the first year. It
is a very good idea to find out early, any issues related to the home's structure, components, or systems so that corrections
can be made within the warranty period.

"Time-stamped" electronic
reports document the state of the home's condition at a specific time and date. Additionally, the
reports describe the temperature and current weather at the time of the inspection. Not only will this be important for any
warranty claim to a builder, but it is a good document to have on-hand during any insurance
claim that may be needed for certain damage (such as relating moisture/freeze damage to a specific cause and date).

Homes are complex, and are subject to a number of naturally occurring influences such as: temperature related expansion /
contraction of materials and plumbing (such as vent pipes through the attic),
moisture changes in the framing of the home, soil and other materials around and under the foundation which may cause
settlement or damage, slowly developing leaks in piping and fittings due to movement, settlement ,etc. There can be nests
built in flues and chimneys by birds or insects, insulation dropping off of floor joists, degrading of duct systems by
Ultra-violet light coming through attic vents, and on and on.

Home inspections should be included in the periodic maintenance of the home.
As a general rule, consider having an inspection of your home done every 3 to 5 years.

Note:   If you are an owner, renting or leasing the home to someone else,
you may consider having a full inspection done just prior to end of term of the rental agreement or every three years,
whichever comes first. Sometimes, changes in the condition (of homes) can sneak-up on landlords, and surprise them with
unexpected repair costs.

As an added benefit to your home inspection,
we will leave a sign for your potential customers (leasing parties) to view.
This makes a positive statement of your preparation and professionalism.

Please call with any questions regarding "inspections for Homeowners".
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