The process of a Radon
or test is as follows:
(short-term test)

A very precise hourly measurement of
the level of radon is obtained using a
device that is left in the home for 48
hours or more.

The device is called a "continuous
radon monitor"... (CRM).
The "CRM" will record data during a
minimum of 48 hours.

After 48 hours the "CRM" will be picked
up and the data will be transmitted to
the lab via phone line
(the lab is AirChek, Inc.).

The lab will process all data recorded,
then the results, which include a graph
of the hourly readings, will be sent via
e-mail to you, and / or printed out for

The results and report are available, in
most cases, the same day as the CRM
is picked up.

Please see the images on this page for
of the report.

Reported data includes:
Radon Level per hour, Radon average
exposure for the time period.
Temperatures, Relative Humidities,
and Atmospheric Pressures for each
hour of the test.

Using a "CRM" device for data
collection is the most precise and
verifiable way to collect overall radon
conditions in the home.

Tampering and other disqualifying
events are evident with this type of
Although it is not required under EPA
protocol for testing with a "CRM"...
A second "Carbon" type
monitor is used in conjunction with the
"CRM" for even more assurance of the
test results accuracy and validity.


Accurate Home Inspections to
provide the most thorough, highest
quality Radon test available.

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